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Hey, my name is Chase, and I'm playing Roger Davies.

Here's my contact information if you're interested in plotting:

textbookenemy : AIM
pushbuttonvend : YIM
atallf-ingcost@hotmail.com : MSN

I'm kinda nervous, because I've never done Livejournal RP before, but I'm really looking forward to this.

I'm sure most of you know this, but in the offline world, I'm Hannah Abbott's Mun's Boyfriend. If that makes any sense.  She's been very enthusiastic about the site, so I've got some pretty high expectations...That's probably why I'm so nervous.

Anyway, thanks for taking me in, and I hope to talk to you guys soon.
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is this even allowed. [02/16/07]

Before I depart, I would like to leave you all with this:

Pretendy Fun Time Games!

Consider it the RPG bible. Please keep it close to your heart, and remember: you are not starving in Darfur. Happy times, happy times.
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Harry Potter News! [02/01/07]

Some news we've been waiting quite some time for!!


<3 Samantha/Luna/Ginny
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Specific Applications [11/18/06]


Harry Potter
Pansy Parkinson
Neville Longbottom
Seamus Finnigan
Draco Malfoy
Ron Weasley

Harry Potter ApplicationCollapse )</strike>


Pansy Parkinson ApplicationCollapse )


Neville Longbottom ApplicationCollapse )


Seamus Finnigan ApplicationCollapse )


Draco Malfoy ApplicationCollapse )


Ron Weasley ApplicationCollapse )</strike>


Leave your application as a comment to this post. All comments are screened. Your application will be submitted for voting with your name removed to make it fair. ^_^ Good luck!

***: As in: which Sin, IF ANY, does your character most express? Do NOT tell us which one you want your character to be. That choice is completely up to the mods. Keep in mind that we can only pick one character for each Sin. Do you really think your character would make a better choice than anyone else? (Despite our great appreciation for irony, you will NOT win points for vanity!)

Comment post [10/15/06]

[ mood | zzzZZZzzzzZZZZz ]

Comment entry for this log.

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stating the obvious [10/10/06]

[ mood | pleased ]

In case it wasn't obvious, Blaise and Lucius are now official. ^^

They've been supposedly secret until now, er, in case that wasn't obvious. XD

They've been fighting, the puppies, and made up last night. If you care to see how, here is an excerpt. It was done IM and late at night, hence why it's not a complete log, and excuse the short tags.

kissCollapse )

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Available Characters [07/10/06]

Characters available for playCollapse )

Backstory [07/10/06]

It's the seventh year at Hogwarts for the Golden Trio and their fellow yearmates. The events of the sixth book have never taken place, and the course of Sixth Year was marked by the sudden and unsettling silence from the Dark Lord and his growing legion. So far, nothing has been heard of him, and the Death Eater attacks on the wizarding world have slowed to a foreboding trickle.

In the very beginning of the summer before Seventh Year started, a freak storm of heat lightning occurred, lasting for a record of four days straight. This lightning storm left behind a residue of 'wild magic' that leaves its mark behind in a series of odd events that seem to have no other explanation. As the wild magic grows stronger, it begins to choose people to imprint itself upon, calling forth the strongest aspect of their being and feeding them with the wild power that is so baffling the wizarding world.

Now the wild magic seems to have its eye set on the school of Hogwarts.

Seven students will become the Seven Deadly Sins.

Application [05/14/06]

Deadly Sins accepts new members via applications and invitations from existing players. All applications will be posted anonymously in the OOC community for voting. Invitations are submitted directly to the mods themselves for acceptance BEFORE being sent.

Should you wish to play a character that you already play in a different community, simply leave a link to the character's journal in your application.



Harry Potter
Pansy Parkinson
Neville Longbottom
Seamus Finnigan
Draco Malfoy
Ron Weasley




ApplicationCollapse )

Rules and Regulations [05/14/06]

Just a few simple rules to abide by - pretty general, but it never hurts to have a place to check yourself.

1. No players under 17. Gotta be legal and all. We are talking about the seven deadly sins here. XD. Don't tell the judge on us, but we bend the rules if we think you are a mature player.

2. Maximum of 3 characters per person. This is just for the time being. Later on, we may allow players to take on more than three characters if we feel they can handle the responsibility. (Unlikely, though, as three characters is a lot to handle.)

3. Follow the posting rules, limits and guidelines. These are written for the players' benefit, in case people find themselves having a hard time catching up on entries if they miss a day or something.

4. Journal entries in 1st person, please. Just for simplicity. However, logs can be done any way you like. Completed logs, if the players do them outside the comm, should always be posted to the main community, and if you want comments, to the OOC community as well. Action tags DO NOT go in journal entries!

5. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. If you have a problem with something or someone in the comm, don't be afraid to speak up, but bad attitudes and flaming will not be tolerated. It's all just a game, so everybody play nice! Do not use the community as a way to vent your own personal problems. Maintain the distinction between the RPG and real life.

6. Your character is not immune to everything. Respond appropriately to the powers of the other characters in the game. Unless there is a specific reason why certain powers would not work on your character, he or she is just as susceptible as anyone else. The manifestations of the Seven Deadly Sins have exceptionally strong influence. There is very little excuse for a character not to succumb to one of them.

7. Don't Godmod please! If your plot affects characters besides your own in any way, clear it with the other player(s) first.

8. Canon is beautiful. This is a crack community, but keep your character's personality and behavior as close to canon as you possibly can, unless there is a specific reason for them to act otherwise. Draco Malfoy wouldn't sing pop songs to Harry Potter in the middle of the Great Hall unless something was wrong with him. ^_^

9. Clear major plot points with the mods first! For example, if you want to have the wild magic cast a spell on the school or you want your character to set up some elaborate plot of crazy, you need to check with the mods beforehand, just so we can make sure it won't push things to a point where other players can't keep up.

10. Please contact the mods if you have questions. We're very nice, we promise. And we want everyone to be able to have fun!

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